Culverhouse Cross

Last week, a few of us from the technical arm of the Archive went on a visit of the ITV Cymru Wales headquarters at Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff. Their film and video archive is now housed with us at Aberystwyth since the end of last year and that is where we transfer footage requests for broadcast. The final step on our side is sending the video file via ftp connection to our colleagues at Culverhouse Cross.

Therefore, it was good to meet the staff that we’re familiar with via phone/email and get a tour of the news studio and gallery which broadcasts daily. Formerly known as the HTV Television Centre, this mammoth tv complex was built at the height of a prosperous period for HTV (Harlech Television), in 1984. These days, the ITV Cymru Wales set-up has downsized from the 1980s and the site is now also home to other independent television and media companies.

Take a note of the departments from yesteryear;

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